We make it EASY for you. Whether it is a routine pick-up, one time pick-up, or you are bringing your items to shred at our warehouse, our goal is to make things as simple and stress -free as possible. With our high-volume destruction shredding technology, we are able to shred confidential material without requiring the separation of binders, staples, or paper clips. We have several options available to meet your needs and your budget, including hosting a large company or neighborhood shredding event.


We save you time and money–and you will be clutter free. We’ve all been there. We’ve seen the repercussions of trying to push more pieces of paper through a shredder, in hopes that we could make the paper disappear faster. For many of us, the task of shredding piles of paper is just too overwhelming. As a result –we let the documents (that really should be shredded) begin to stack up.

At Centex Shred, our equipment can shred in minutes what it would take hours using your own office or home shredder. For example, a typical office shredder is capable of shredding 20 pounds of paper per hour. It would take 8 hours to shred 160 pounds of paper (or the equivalent of six boxes of paper). Centex we can shred the same quantity in approximately 12 minutes. Be smart–take back the time and allow us to be a part of your extended team.


We give you peace of mind. With fierce competition, increased litigation in the United States and around the world, and identity theft on the rise, shredding confidential information is critical. Centex Shred offers our customers a secure, cost-effective, and confidential shredding solution. Centex has the most secure alternative available for the destruction of confidential information and files.

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